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With their third LP, Montreal’s brightest post-punk group explores the reaches of the genre. Polished and tightly packed at a tidy 40 minutes, it proves…

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Montreal power pop quartet BBQT pack the sounds of summer into a catchy five minutes on their second EP, All Dressed. The June release is…


My Conversation with Mich Cota

—Cover Image by: Jordan Minkoff— The first episode of Unceded Airwaves happened this Monday, October 30th and is now available for download on CiTR’s website! Because…


Call-outs with Montreal’s Catherine Colas

Earlier this summer, Montreal-based DJ, promoter and Prime Mate co-founder Patrick Mocan was called out on social media for allegedly being a sexual predator. What began as a Facebook post by fellow Montreal-based musician, DJ and promoter Catherine Colas snowballed into a social media frenzy. Discorder caught up with Colas in Montreal to discuss her experience. TW: sexual assault

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Karoline Leblanc

Québec Great Karoline Leblanc’s Velvet Oddities is a series of 19 brief piano improvisations from her Montréal-based label: atrito-afeito. The LP continues Leblanc’s exploration of…


Wider Smile

Open Up

“And if you complain about the weather then you are just confused about what you’re even complaining about.”


Arbutus Records

‘Arbutus’ is a name that may not mean much to anyone in Montreal, but it is a name familiar to many who’ve grown up in…