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With their third LP, Montreal’s brightest post-punk group explores the reaches of the genre. Polished and tightly packed at a tidy 40 minutes, it proves…

Under Review


Montreal power pop quartet BBQT pack the sounds of summer into a catchy five minutes on their second EP, All Dressed. The June release is…


My Conversation with Mich Cota

—Cover Image by: Jordan Minkoff— The first episode of Unceded Airwaves happened this Monday, October 30th and is now available for download on CiTR’s website! Because…


Call-outs with Montreal’s Catherine Colas

Earlier this summer, Montreal-based DJ, promoter and Prime Mate co-founder Patrick Mocan was called out on social media for allegedly being a sexual predator. What began as a Facebook post by fellow Montreal-based musician, DJ and promoter Catherine Colas snowballed into a social media frenzy. Discorder caught up with Colas in Montreal to discuss her experience. TW: sexual assault