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Maps of the Night Sky

Twilighters EP

Locust Mount?

Review By Mare-in

Emokids at their finest, Maps Of The Night Sky’s new record puts the likes of Matchbook Romance to shame with a sophisticated and refined take on the genre that was driven to infamy by its incessant acoustic power chords and whiney tortured middle class kids. The Twilighters EP, a melodic, beat driven brand of piano based…what I hesitate to call “emo” for fear of invoking prejudice of the readership, is taking this whole “emo” business in a simpler, melodic direction. Both naturally and possibly intentionally following the vocal stylings of Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), Ray Cammaert’s melodies come off as raw and emotionally driven. Further, Cammaert’s voice and piano contrast well with his methodical guitaring and accordion harmony reinforcement, provided by Jared Ozuk. Maps Of The Night Sky are something that should grace the stages of The Red Room/Drink, and The Brickyard, as opposed to those larger and more bustling locations of Richard’s, or The Commodore, and yet I can see their crowd being equally as moved as the audience was at The Faint’s most recent Vancouver show (though in a mellower, more emotional way). The Twilighters EP, while not something I could see perfecting my indie kid strut to, is made for long bus rides, rainy afternoons, for dark nights staring at your bedroom ceiling.