“Given Title”

Alex McLaren

My name is Alex McLaren, and I am a West End resident that writes poetry.

“Alex’s poems create a sweet little world, I can get down with his work. It made me curious, it left positive feelings, I feel a desire to keep rereading it. “Given Title” is a good time.” – Maya Preshyon

Given Title


We were all aboard a small novelty

Train as the guide laid my head in

Her lap of course I pointed backwards

Ever fearful that my new and improved

Signature would not free me from the

Bonds I had created but man it looked

Good on that yellowed parchment

I suppose that’s why we had a more

Relaxed attitude when they requested help


I was taking the ferry over that way

They need an extra body and

Wanted us there for 6 we left at 6

Prior to leaving we checked out the

Open air location shaped like a

Keyhole as I received a complaint

Via the timeline we pulled the truck along

The side of the house it barely fit

Lita stopped the truck to say goodbye


Again, we left late and as we sped

Towards the terminal I ate a

Chocolate-filled-croissant that was

Covered in both chocolate spread and

Raspberries to our chagrin Mr. Brown

Called us I reiterated we were on the

Which we were not and then to my

Horror he asked what do you look like?