Under Review

The Dø

A Mouthful (Six Degrees)

Review By Susanne Dewein

The Dø’s music is not easily pigeonholed. Different genres are interwoven in their new album A Mouthful. Anything is possible: lively pop, Finnish folk, love ballads and rap. The French-Finnish duo’s first album was released in 2008 in Europe, but Canadians had to wait two years for it. Apart from one song with Finnish lyrics, their music sounds more like a passionate French lover than a shy northern European. The use of many different instruments and the mixture of genres has resulted in a colourful and playful work of art, but at times it sounds glutted. Olivia Merilahti’s breathy yet girlish voice adds a melancholic and wistful touch to many of their songs, and this is probably what rescues A Mouthful from being overly florid. The first track “Playground Hustle” resembles a marching band of primary school kids, equipped with flutes and drums, eager to defend their sandbox. “Queen Dot Kong” is a rap song that sounds like a collaboration between Eminem and M.I.A., whereas “Travel Light” very strongly calls to mind the Dresden Dolls. Another unusual highlight is “Tammie,” which evokes images of Merilahti and Dan Levy, the other half of the duo, standing on a Carribean beach, accompanied by a hand clapping gospel choir. Their epic sounding melodies are probably due to Levy’s previous experience as a film composer. All in all this CD offers a whole mouthful of sweet, sparkling and refreshing music, a feast for the senses!