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Under Review: When Will The DJ Of Luv Grant Me My 1 Request, Future Star

Amanda Thacker

Pulsating with anti-folk undercurrents akin to DIY superstars Greta Kline (Frankie Cosmos) and Kimya Dawson, future star’s When Will The DJ Of Luv Grant Me My 1 Request is an ode to love in all of its transient forms — it’s as melancholic as it is hopeful.

The 13-track compilation was released on Valentine’s Day via Kingfisher Bluez to the wanting ears of those in love’s tender embrace — and aching wake. Spreading affection this past year has had some hard limitations, challenging many of us to figure out how to plant our smooches metaphorically.

Cue: The DJ of Luv.

Atop a predominantly staccato, lo-fi synth-pop soundtrack, the Victoria-based singer-songwriter reconciles detachment amid a global pandemic. The songs are like diary entries, detailing the tumultuous process of loving, letting go and (perhaps) loving again.

In the opening track, “I’m Gonna Be Fine,” she declares, “I don’t want to write another song about being alone.” Alas, the following track is titled “I’m So Alone,” presenting bouncy chords and the idea that maybe Love has a crush on Logic, but it is seldom reciprocated.

The pre-released single, “Kiss the Mirror,” is an anthem of 21st-century feel-good self-love mantras, spiked with a healthy dose of cynicism. My personal favourite: “I wanna swipe right on me / Wish someone else would agree / I’m trying to be funny but it’s also kinda true.”

“X-Ray Specks” offers a dreamy interlude about half-way through, breaking up the otherwise animated keys for a moment of melodic tranquility. In “Duck Song,” baseline heartaches of the past year are expressed plainly: “I wanna be comforted / You can’t hold my hand / It’s raining so hard outside.”

So when will the DJ of Luv grant us our one request? Perhaps our song is coming up next. Or maybe they lied to our faces when they promised to play it. Regardless, future star reminds us we can always throw on some headphones and dance on our own. —Amanda Thacker