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Review By Erica Hansen

Philosoraptor (Independent)
Philosoraptor (Independent)

Locals Philoceraptor have served up five tracks of garage rock goodness mixed with a punchy, punk-pop feel on their sophomore EP, which is available on a pay-what-you-choose basis from Bandcamp. Their sound could be described as something a like At The Drive-In vs. Bloc Party, with an upbeat and light-hearted kick to it. Complete with happy-go-lucky guitar solos and maniacal vocal stylings, the tone of the EP can range from serious to silly and fun.

Opener “Races” begins the set with a grunge feel, powering through distortion and raw power chords. The energetic “Clever Girl” kicks things up a notch as the group dishes on the trials and tribulations of courtship through all too relatable lyrics like “You’re twice as hot / Through jealous eyes.” On “Gay Boy,” the trio shows us their fun side while recounting the experience of having one’s sexual orientation mistaken while at the gay bar. “Menthol Sweet” is another fun one about a girl that smokes menthol cigarettes. The last track, “Surfer,” takes a turn away from the fun and steps into something much more polished and artistically strong. This is a good choice for the closing track as it showcases the band’s talent. Overall, Philosoraptor displays Philoceraptor’s diversity from track to track while maintaining the integrity of the band’s sound as a whole.