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Hot Sex & High Finance



Review By Ming Wong

Straight out of East Vancouver, Hot Sex & High Finance is comprised of rapper Pop Pete (Dylan Jones), and producer Skyrpt (Lennon Burback). Refinanced is a remix album of their debut XXX & $$$, which was released in October 2010. With that record’s recent release in mind, perhaps this new set is a bit premature, but it depends on how you look at it. While performing at festivals like Rifflandia and Olio, the group met artists like Flint, MI electro artist Tunde Olaniran, who are now lending a hand in giving their tracks a new spin.

Refinanced picks up where XXX & $$$ left off: intergalactic electro raps heavily laden with lyrics of cocaine, hot rich bitches, Skittles and the occasional Star Wars reference. The group claims to be critical of pop culture, but behind Pop Pete’s assertive delivery, he seems to be enjoying the company of those fit, rich, party girls he meets in clubs and others who “don’t got to work/but got to work it.”

Potent notables include the tribal bumping “Patrick Bateman,” remixed by Tunde Olaniran, and the CaBFree remix of “Black Gretzky,” which is filled with Crystal Castles-inspired blips and glitches. The album does boast a few original tracks, like the space jam “Saw Boss,” which ooze out far more sensuality than the overt lyrics of the remixes.