Editor’s Note

By Gregory Adams

A wise theologian named Calvin once mused “the days are just packed!” and I’m inclined to agree. Between our time spent doing the “serious” things, from working day jobs and going to school, to the fun stuff like hanging out with our friends, going on bike rides or going to a show of some sort, there’s just too much going on to rationalize getting a good night’s sleep sometimes. In relation to the issue you’re either holding in your hands or reading online, it feels like I’ve been up for about 72 hours straight with the rest of the team getting this ready for print. But for all bloodshot eyes and the development of crow’s feet that exhaustion is inevitably causing us, all the multi-tasking seems worth it as long as you’re doing something you love.

Larissa Loyva is one of many local musicians that has a number of projects on the go. From her days in P:Ano and the Choir Practice straight through to her more recent Kellarissa project, Loyva seems to be gracing Vancouver stages more often than not. And while promoting her newly released sophomore set Moon of Neptune, an out-of-this-world melange of vocal loops and synth swells, should be keeping her plenty occupied, at press time she’ll be mid-way through a tour as a member of Destroyer’s back up band. She’s busy, for sure, but, as she admitted in our cover story this month, she’s proud to support her friends in their musical endeavours.

Slippery Elm is another multi-tasking local musician we spoke with this month. While the rapper could have just stuck to rhyming with his buddies in jazzy hip-hop troupe Elekwent Folk, he spends his off-time setting up outdoor shows as part of the Mobile Cipher Caravan, spreading both political and musical awareness to anyone who’ll lend him an ear. Cops included.

As for our Discorder team, it’s inspiring to work with a group made up mostly of volunteers willing to sacrifice their precious time away from the regular grind of school and work to submit their articles and artwork. They usually do so for no more than a free concert ticket, a download code and some kudos from yours truly. As an aside, thanks to everybody who helped out with our DisCLOVER fundraiser, which took place at the Biltmore this past St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you were working the door or cutting it up on the dancefloor, you made the night a total success.

So, whether you’re scrolling through our website hurriedly on your lunch break or curled up with the magazine in your favourite chair at home, feel free to take as much time digging through this latest issue. As that same theologian once told his pet stuffed tiger Hobbes, “there’s treasure everywhere!”

Discorderly Yours,
Gregory Adams