Under Review

Jody Glenham

Focus Pull


Review By Melissa Foye

Focus Pull is Jody Glenham’s follow up album to her debut Brave New World released in 2006. This Winnipeg native constructs convincing pop tunes with piano-driven tracks and quirky beats that are both welcoming and contagiously foot tapping.

The CD begins with “Coffee Soaked,” a beautiful track which opens the door to Glenham’s world, inviting the listener in like an old friend. Imagine Sarah Harmer meeting a happy version of Fiona Apple with hints of KT Tunstall.

For listeners seeking something a bit more edgy and raw, Focus Pull may leave you feeling somewhat ambivalent and uninspired, with tracks “Buttons” and “Pushin’ Gold” perhaps coming across as a bit too bubble gum or Broadway showtune-ish. At times the album comes across as a bit too piano-heavy, but fortunately, the clever pacing of the songs, along with the varied arrangements redeem the piano’s dominance.

Stand out tracks include “Whisky (So Cold)” and “In Other Words.” While “In Other Words” remains a bit more faithful to the album’s sensitive, singer/songwriter vibe, “Whisky (So Cold)” goes against the grain, providing a dirty, almost classic rock sound; it’s a great tune which showcases Glenham’s vocal range and versatility as a songwriter. With this album, Glenham proves to be a gifted artist, contributing her sincere and refreshing talent to the singer/songwriter genre.