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Cold Faces


Review By Cosmo Digger

There’s apparently a new TV show entitled The Couv, based in Vancouver. It showcases the youth of tomorrow by following their tri als, tribulations, life lessons and cellphone text drama. The soundtrack is gladly provided by Vancouver’s own Floodlight, a.k.a. Sum41/Matchbox 20/3rd Eye Blind/Days Away/Shurman/Nickelback lite. The production on the record is great, done by Floodlight’s own Dave Truscott. This vocalist/guitarist/composer/producer is obviously at the helm of this safe-rock EP. I would wager that the goal here is to break into opportunities such as the speakers of a Bootlegger, the newest Big Shiny Tunes, or possibly the small stage at the Vans Warped Tour.
The vocals seem to be there just for the sake of being there. I couldn’t make out anything in the lyrics that was actually “saying” anything. Well, there actually was a banal take on the “damn-the-man” theme in the title track and a garden-variety love balladish ditty. The lyrics had no message, nothing of value. I understand that they’re playing to people that don’t even know they don’t even know, but seriously, there’s no reason to perpetuate this kind of run-of-the-mill bullshit.
Although pushing no boundaries musically, this should get the heads of 14-year-old kids bopping. It could at least be played in the background at a nursing home kegger. I’m ready for my coma now.