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Jordi Rosen



Review By Jordi Sparkle

If you were looking for the new (insert hardcore metal band name here), this would perhaps be the absolute worst album you could have found, but if that was the furthest thing from your mind when you decided Jordi Rosen was the thing for you then you are on the right track. Lotus is an incredibly cute album. It’s not deep, it’s not epic and it has no edge, but if you want to listen to about how great it is to be in love, this might be perfect. Okay, if the last album you bought was by someone who’s name included the word “blood” you’re probably gagging now, but if you haven’t been turned off by this nauseating idea, you might be interested in the fact that this album contains an eclectic mix of instruments from accordion to junk percussion. It’s sappy folk-pop, but it’s done well. Jordi Rosen might be for the very specific tastes of those who appreciate sincerity and optimism, but she will certainly satisfy those people, if nothing else. Converge fans, today is not your day. Sorry, guys.