Jonathan Inc.

I am the worst.
I am a lazy, do-nothing bastard that says he’s going to help people out, says that, but obviously doesn’t mean it. I put it off, and put it off and put it off some more. Why? Because I’m a bum and a jerk, but most importantly, I’m a bum.
Jonathan Anderson, on the other hand, is a hard working do-something singer-songwriter. He’s been in Radiogram and has fronted Jonathan Inc. for years. His recording studio, Buena Vista Audio, has recorded albums for Stabilo and In Medias Res. He has a lovely wife and two lovely children. I’ve met them. They’re great!
I promised to interview Jonathan for Discorder a really long time ago. Maybe I am sabotaging his career because I envy him. Well, I’m fed up. With myself. You can read about Jonathan Inc. while I sit in a dark room, berating myself for my inaction.

Discorder: That was a great set, man
Jonathan: Thanks a lot, Chris.
What happened to Flophouse Jr.?
Jon [Wood] told me last week that they are already recording a new record…

As Flophouse Jr.?
Yes. The band was essentially a duo. It was Jon Wood and Susan, who was singing harmonies. Then she moved to England, and the band hasn’t really done much. But she’s going to be coming back for a bit to make another record together.

What about Radiogram? What’s going on with you guys? Are you kind of in limbo right now?
I think they are hibernating.
All bears need to hibernate. We toured the two albums as much as we could. There’s talk of us doing a split EP with Endearing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the band rises again.

How long has Jonathan Inc. been around?
Since 1998.
Are you happy with the setup of the band? How big and strong are you guys?
There’s four of us. Michelle joined, and she’s been a big change to the band, providing a lot more harmonies. There’s more texture now. I’ve played with this lineup for a year and a half and I feel we’re starting to gel. The last couple of shows have been really fun.

You said during your set that all the songs on the new album are older. Do you have a whole bunch of new songs ready for the next album? Are you already tired of the latest album?
It took us almost a year and a half to get that album all finished and out. We don’t have any plans to go back in to the studio soon. We don’t have any money. I’m finding that it’s good to be a little ahead of the game. It’s nice to have stuff ready. I always tend to be impatient. I want to take more time to send it out and do more with what we’ve done, rather than just put it out and move on to the next thing.
Why did this album take so long?
I moved.
To where?
Langley. Langley rocks.
Does it now?
Love it. Really good swimming pools. Yeah, I’ve also been recording a lot of bands in the last year, so I had to put Jonathan Inc. on the back burner for awhile.
It seems that you’re pretty much living the bohemian lifestyle, man. Was that your master plan? I know you got the family now. You got the home studio. Bands are coming to you. You got some producing. Are you happy with the way things are going?
I feel pretty fortunate that I don’t have to change oil or cut grass anymore.

How’s the producing going?
Good. I’ve been producing for three years. I started producing our own stuff first. I did two albums in a studio with a friend of mine, who had a home studio. For the third album, I wanted to rent some gear, and try doing it myself, but a lot of people told me they like my old four-track stuff better. I really enjoyed doing that, because it gave me some time to fool around. I started buying my own gear, because I thought it would save me money in the long run. As I started producing more of my own records, people became interested in me working on their projects.

Jonathan will be opening solo for the Weakerthans and the Constantines Friday April 29th at Richards on Richards.