text resembling iMessages reads: what is up dear listener????? you are listening to citr101.9fm broadcasting live from the unceded, ancestral, traditional, & shared territories of the musqueam, the squamish, & the tseil waututh nations in the city colonially know as “vancouver, british columbia, canada” you’re listening to teachable moments, citr’s 1 stop shop for what’s hot & what’s not & td’s definition of the word cool is……….. idk! art i guess!

cool: idk! art i guess! – 24hora special


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what is up dear listener????? you are listening to citr101.9fm broadcasting live from the unceded, ancestral, traditional, & shared territories of the musqueam, the squamish, & the tseil waututh nations in the city colonially know as “vancouver, british columbia, canada”

you’re listening to teachable moments, citr’s 1 stop shop for what’s hot & what’s not & td’s definition of the word cool is………..

idk! art i guess!

it’s 24 hours or radio art (24hora) today on citr 101.9tm & across airwaves everywhereeeeeee

24hora is an annual special programming event where radio is celebrated or it’s an opportunity to reframe how we maybe traditionally use radio or make radio in an artistic way

of radio as an artistic medium and how it’s position & use can be transformed/manipulated/explored

i’m not 1000000000% sure how i want to approache it this year on teachable moments it honestly feels kind of silly?anitrthyival? to still do some regular programming

but what i’m thinking abt is how immediate radio is as a consumable medium

& how accessible it is to the listener… at least @ citr :):)

when you think abt taking cals etc

so i want to think a little abt how radio had transformed via technological advances & how we’ve transformed our sonshmptoon of it

obviously this is parallel?similar to? reflects how we gave integrated different types of technology into our lives & so i want to use modern daily technology (which has orettt much replaced radio ad the immediate medium, re:news/contact/communication/etc) to essentially script the show

i know that the listeners can’t tell what i’m saying

& for that i apologize

but thems the breaks of radio art babyyyyyyyyy

as the residents host of teachable moments-dork-it rly is my arena & i do try to make it asssssssss accessible? as possible to the listeners

bc the show is all abt coolness & cultural capital (essentially) & how we as a ~society navigate that i feel like it’s antithetical to the show to be gatekeepy or exclusive in my approach as a host

i do think a lot abt how the show is pre-recorded & how that affects the purpose of the show or the message of it

i stopped producing the show live bc of a lot of reasons (i don’t dislike producing the show from home, it’s a lot more flexible for me & it sounds better in that i have more control over the transitions etc)

but a big reason is the social dynamics & my outgoing role at the station

which makes it uncomfortable for me to be there consistently & publicly

there is a difference bw the host persona & the individual host and imo a successful host is someone who is able to marry the two i.e., someone show can be authentically themselves as a host but aware of the energy & conversational flows on air

& the hosts responsibility to the listeners

a host who is too unaware of their performance to the audience is as bad as one who is too aware

it’s a different kind of neglect

but anywayyyyy what i’m trying to say is that i do feel that my personal relationship outside of being a host w the station has absolutely affected the tone & accessibilty of this show

i think it’s a funny joke to say “call in if you know” knowing that it’s pre-recorded & there’s no one there to answer

but i also feel badly for that

that’s all i have to say for now, i’ll get some songs etc & talk abt them a bit

we’ll talk abt editing etc after the break. just a note to myself:)

you’re listening to citr 101.9fm

damn that was hard



so now we have reached the next segment of this episode of teachable moments-broadcasting on citr101.9fm from the unceded ancestral traditional & shared territories of the musqueam, squamish, & tseil waututh nation in “vancouver”-editing

& what an example lol

usually when i’m recording this show i will mark segment breaks & sometimes mistakes w a loud pop so that i can find it in the audio & edit it out or together

but bc i’m “recording” the sounds of my typing rather than my voice, i am able to/forced to edit the text as i “record”

which is entirely different (obviously)

something powerful abt radio that can br positive or negative depending on the situation is that radio is often live

this allows for more… honest? uncensored? reactions to the suicidal the question the conversation the rn ironmeny


i’m sure that regular listeners of this show have noticed that although this show is pre-recorded, it is hosted very much as though it is live

again this makes me question the bastardization of this powerful medium

i feel like i’m reaping the benefits from both styles of radio: live where i don’t prepare much & stream musings (essentially lower quality ~content) vs prerecorded where i get higher quality production value

the act of having a radio show in general is already very lucky/privleged

& honestly weird

so i feel distress over the validity of my having that platform or using it well

i don’t have an answer obviously and i do feel that to some extent there’s allowance to be frivolous

but to go back to the original pt of this segment

we’ve seen radio go through sooooo many renaissance(s?)

in term of technology & use & capacity & structure

we’re rly in the podcast era which was built on radio …

what is the word ?????

practices? customs?

the combo of those words

frick whatever moving on

i feel like we’re seeing a resurgence of past attitudes towards radio w/in podcast consumption/production

i don’t have a ton of thoughts on this but podcasts have become embedded in social media as an accessible & consumable way for organizations/companies to reach their audience/members/customers in an incredibly controlled way

i’m pretty young so idk how accurate this is but it seems like the production of an entire podcast is the same level of opportunity as being interviewed on a single radio show

& in terms of access i guess it is

in that can’t have necessarily been ~easy to get on the radio considering the number of limitations i.e., hosts, time, popular stations, etc

& it’s not easy to maintain a podcast via paying for equipment, getting a host, guests, concept, etc

the power of podcasts is dwindling as they become over saturated

while the power of radio dwindled because ?????

it is essentially limited in its undersaturation

being confined to time & place (& technology like a tower is not cheap & it is not easily stored) creates an inaccessibility that is not felt today

esp w podcasts which are distributed through monopolies to people around the world


& now we’ve reached segment 3

i think a lot abt desire wants & needs

& how those 3 things evolve into each other

here are the steps:

desires are identified

desires are communicated & become accessible to a few

desires become increasingly accessible

desires are transformed into wants

wants are accessible to many & there is some facilitation for the acquisition

wants are communicated openly

wants are normalized

not having a want becomes uncommon & one’s/a society’s ability to function without that want becomes limited

(knowledge is lost)

wants are transformed into needs

structures & institutions are built to support all members to maintain & gain needs


i think this is a rly helpful way to think about technology

& how we use/value it

i can only speak to my experience but in the western world, our relationship to technology has become increasingly toxic & controlled

the value of convenience is very high

& again it comes back to the idea of *access* whether to information or an idea or a person

the need for access makes it hard to set boundaries (w others & w ourselves) & often we tech to monitor or manage those boundaries

i don’t think that tech doesn’t have a place nor that it’s wholly bad (although there are so many ways that it exploits communities & peoples but i am rly not educated enough on that subject to speak to it)

but i do think that the obsession w “wholesome/integrated” tech advancement that launched in the 50s (think the jetsons ~ visualizing a future that relies on tech in the everyday as aesthetic & lifestyle advancement) has lead to a costly dependence on it

i will admit that i cannot imagine my day without my phone or computer


it would be naive & stupid to not acknowledge that

i think but there is smt powerful abt tech w limitations

& i think radio does manage that gracefully


we’ve reached the end of 24hora ~ teachable moments edition !

takeaways include:
– editing is hard
– tech has pros & cons
– talking is much faster than text

smt i wanted to touch in before the end of the show is how non-emotive this episode of teachable moments has been forced to be

there are some smilely faces in the text & i think i accidentally opened the emoji keyboard @ 1 pt but for the most part it is just text (sounds)

smt that i rly enjoy any radio & hosting is exactly how emotive it is

there’s a lot of questions & brevity in just how the words are spoken

& that has always been a limitation of text vs voice the same way that missing out on body language cues is a huge limitation of voice vs presence

if we want to get into it (briefly)

(oh my gosh !!!!)

there poetry & flow in all communication (even if/when it doesn’t feel/sound like it)

how i’ve chosen my words & the process of typing them out has its own… energy

that’s being transformed into/by the texty texty sound effects of my phone’s keyboard

& then being mutated in audacity for listeners as i edit it to match levels and make it as comfortable a listening experience as possible

which this is energized through the airwaves to radios in cars & homes & businesses

or streamed over the internet to individual people’s devices

but the radiating pulses of communication as it transforms & adapts to its new host is still present

so happy 24 hours of radio art to the people! the full transcript of this episode will be available on citr.ca:)