?Do you have a crush on CiTR?? Fundrive 2020 is here!


??????Fundrive 2020 runs February 6-14??????

Do you have a crush on CiTR? Because we’ve been crushing pretty hard on Vancouver’s music and arts community since 1982… Love is in the air for Fundrive 2020: Crush on CiTR! It’s CiTR & Discorder‘s annual week long fundraiser and we’re asking our community to show us they care.

?This year’s goal is to raise $30,000?

These funds will help CiTR & Discorder continue to highlight Vancouver’s artists in a city that can be hostile to music and art initiatives. If we reach our goal, we’ll be able to get new equipment, cover staff costs, and provide more free trainings for our volunteers. We are asking our community to show their support in the form of monthly or one-time donations. Crush on CiTR can help us secure another sweet year of local, alternative media making!

Go to citr.ca/donate to share the love

?$30 or $5/month?

CiTR & Discorder candy hearts

?$60 or $10/month?

“Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my Discorder” mug

?$101.9 or $15/month?

CiTR & Discorder toques

?$175 or $20/month?

Fishbowl Sessions 2020 tape

?$250 or $25/month?

Framed Discorder cover

?$500 or $35/month?

Host a show on 101.9FM

?$1,000 or $50/month?

Boxset of Pop Alliance Compilations & recognition on our Donor Wall

Some important dates to look out for are…

Fundrive Kickoff ? Thursday, February 6

Phone lines open ? February 6-13

Fundrive Finale ? Friday, February 14

ft. Sigh ? Canon Mulat ? WUT ~ NOW album release ? Big City ? Devours ? DJ Frankie Teardrop

Email Ana Rose at stationmanager@citr.ca with any questions or media inquiries.