Feedback for new accessibility documents


CiTR & Discorder are developing a Venue Accessibility Resource for the greater Vancouver arts community and a breathing Disabilities Language Guide for media creators with funding from UBC’s Equity Enhancement Fund.

These documents will be shared on in June 2020 for event planners and attendees, community organizers, and media producers both on and off campus to reference. The purpose is to provide readily available resources so there’s no excuse to not centre accessibility.

The documents are getting constant feedback from members of CiTR’s Accessibility Committee, a group of volunteers with disabilities and/or an investment in making CiTR & Discorder as accessible as possible, but we want your input!

If you have the capacity and feel your perspective would be valuable whether you identify as disabled, are a venue manager or experienced media producer, or consider yourself an expert in some way, we want to hear from you. Obviously, we will be centering disabled voices in these documents and prioritizing those responses in some cases.

Please fill out the feedback forms below by January 31, 2020

Venue Accessibility Resource feedback form

Disabilities Language Guide feedback form

Thank you so much! Email Dora at if you have any questions!

Venue Accessibility Resource

The Venue Accessibility Resource will catalog accessibility information (i.e., dimensions, bus routes, parking availability) for local venues to reference when organizing events and increasing the accessibility of their spaces as well as for disabled attendees to reference with planning an night out.

Disabilities Language Guide

The Disability Language Guide will catalog term, background, and recommendations for inclusive language around disability with a focus on media coverage for any content creators to reference when covering stories that feature accessibility. We understand that what is considered respectful language changes over time as well as the breadth of personal preference, so this document is designed to be easily edited over time.