Programmer of the Week: Dan Shakespeare


What would a radio station be without its programmers? We’re featuring a few of our shining stars behind the mic in order for you to get a chance to put some faces to disembodied voices, and learn a little of what it takes to get into the booth and make radio.


Syd: When did you get started at the station?

Dan: Well, I got started at the station in the beginning of twenty-twelve, got signed up in Fall of twenty-eleven. I’ve had my show since Spring of 2013.

S: How has your show changed over the years?

D: Well the content’s been a slightly different, always an eclectic mix. Used to be mostly older stuff until I ran out and started reading the playlist and it’s still very eclectic.

S: I always wonder how you end up picking what you’re going to use every week.

D: I go onto YouTube or I get ideas. I prepare at home.

S: How has the station changed since you started?

D: Well, it used to be upstairs in the old sub, now it’s moved down. The lounge did not have any managers (Eleanor!).

S: Why did you decide to visit CiTR the first place?

D: I was just touring radio stations that didn’t play big hits. I went to Co-op and CJSF at Simon Fraser.

S: How did you decide on here?

D: Because it’s the easiest one to get to. That and I just found some of the DJs really interesting.

S: What’s your favorite show?

D: I don’t know if I have a favorite show, other than my own. The first show I saw was Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

S: Classic. Do you have a radio voice?

D: I get told I do, and I also hear myself and realize it’s useful.

S: But you haven’t consciously come up with one, it’s just comes out of you?

D: It does.


**Tune into CiTR 101.9 on on Wednesdays from 12-1PM to hear Dan’s trademark chuckle. In his words, “It’s really eclectic, there’s no age range, I have, like, ten ++ genres that I play.”