Expand your Perspective at VIFF 2017


As a campus radio and publication that devotes our work to empowering individuals to have a voice, we are honored to be able to sponsor a festival which wholeheartedly channels the same values through the art of film.

The Vancouver Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals in North America, and attracts a passionate audience of more than 140,000 people from various demographics. VIFF brings forth a line up of astounding talks, events and more than 300 films from around the world. In line with focusing on empowering national artists to excel, VIFF includes True North every year, which celebrates the creativity of Canadian storytellers from coast to coast. Creator Talks is another initiative which host a series of writers, producers, and directors who share their experiences working behind the scenes of famous films and movies. This year, come listen to the masterminds behind Games of Thrones, Bates Motel, and the Handmaid’s Tail share their unique knowledge.

CiTR has also partnered with VIFF to present the dark, yet deep Quebec film Tattoos, screening Saturday Sep 30, 9:00 pm at the Cinematheque and Sunday Oct 1, 2:00 pm at the International Village. This film tells the story about the poignant coming-of-age romance between two punk music connoisseurs, which reveals the genuine anxieties and beauty of transitioning into adult life. Tattoos will surely get your mind exploring the way society and image effect musical performers and the sound of their art. 

In addition, new to 3027, VIFF LIFE will hold a series that fosters the growth of live music from British Columbia’s rising artists, alongside the passion for film. Come see performers such as The Green Fog, LIINKS, Brasstronaut, HUMAMS and more, at venues like Fortune Sound Club and the Imperial.

Challenge the way you think you feel by experiencing VIFF this fall!

To see a full list of showtimes and event details visit visit VIFF.org.