The Jazz Show – Listings, September 2017


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September 4
The recently departed master of the vibes and the marimba Bobby Hutcherson is on tap tonight with his great band.. This band was based in San Francisco and recorded many albums in the mid 70s. This one is one of their finest. The sound of this band is light, airy and very much ahead of it’s time. Bobby and bassist James Leary composed the tunes and they are all memorable. The band included the late Manny Boyd on soprano and tenor saxophone and flute and the great George Cables on piano and master drummer Eddie Marshall plus percussionist Kenneth Nash. “Waiting” is a modern day classic.
September 11
This will be the first album in what is now a long standing tradition with The Jazz Show. We always program this album along with next week’s album to bring in the fall season and emphasize the “back to school” educational part of the show. Learning is fun and hearing the voice of the great saxophonist/bandleader Julian “Cannonball” Adderley narrate a brief history of Jazz is a nice way to experience some of the different styles that evolved from this music’s beginnings to about 1960. Yes it leaves out, free Jazz, electronic Jazz, fusion, Jazz rock etc.due to when it was recorded but it is still valid and worth a listen. Many of you have heard this before but many have not so it retains it’s value. Cannonball Adderley and a History of Jazz tonight.
September 18
This is again a continuation of a Jazz Show tradition but this time it’s the late maestro Leonard Bernstein who takes us through some Jazz styles and explains in his unique way what Jazz is and what it isn’t. Many famous musicians contribute to this recording as well as the Maestro himself. He shows how this music is put together in a non-academic and entertaining way. “What is Jazz” is a painless way to learn about what makes this music special.
September 25
The “Second Great” Miles Davis Quintet is in full force on this famous recording. The band comes together here with Miles taking some extraordinary musical chances but in full command of his trumpet. Wayne Shorter on tenor saxophone, Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Tony Williams on drums all demonstrate why this album was a milestone in Davis’ recording career. “Miles Smiles”…say no more!