CiTR Black History Month 2017: Compilation Series


Every year in February, CiTR celebrates Black Canadian history and strives for greater year-round representations of Black experience in an uneven media landscape. As a part of Black History Month, CiTR hopes to do its pair to bring more attention to the rich and varied history of Black peoples in the Coast Salish territories, and beyond.

In addition to the regularly scheduled programming that will be acknowledging the occasion, tune into CiTR 101.9FM between 2PM and 3PM on Wednesdays this month to listen to our BHM Compilation Series, compiling new and old programming. Find the podcasts for these compilations below (along with other relevant podcasts as the month continues).

2017 BHM Compilation #1: Art’s Report, “Vancouver’s Viaducts and the Lesson of Hogan’s Alley,” Off the Beat and Path

Featuring a CiTR Art’s Report piece on Le Mozart Noir, the documentary “Vancouver’s Viaducts and the Lesson of Hogan’s Alley” produced by Rachel Sanders (with contributing production from Alexander Kim and Stefan Labbe), and a segment from CiTR’s Off the Beat and Path, commenting on the US’s current path, along with a highlight on Frederick Douglas.

2017 BHM Compilation #2: The City – “Remembering Hogan’s Alley”

A classic archival piece from Andy Longhurst’s The City, “Remembering Hogan’s Alley.” “On the podcast, we examine the history and memories of Vancouver’s original black community, Hogan’s Alley, in a radio documentary produced by Arial Fournier and Andy Longhurst.”

2017 BHM Compilation #3: Queer FM, Black Lives Matter Vancouver, Barbara Chirinos

DJ Denise of Queer FM introduces the legacy of Black History Month in Canada. Afterwards, SA of News 101 interviewed member and co-organizer of Black Lives Matter Vancouver, Joy, about the issues at the Women’s March and a need for a more inclusive feminism. Finally, we debut an interview from Dora Dubber of The Reel Whirled with Barbara Chirinos, director of Vancity Theatre’s annual Black History Month series.

Textbook ft. Dr. Annette Henry

An excerpt from episode 18 of Textbook. Josh Gabert-Doyon interviews Dr. Annette Henry about Black History Month, Canadian multiculturalism, academia, and Stuart Hall.