Special Broadcast Episode February 8, 2017

CiTR Black History Month Compilation: Part 1

1:00pm - 2:01pm

As a part of Black History Month, CiTR hopes to do its pair to bring more attention to the rich and varied history of Black peoples in the Coast Salish territories, and beyond. Every week in February, from 1PM to 2PM on Wednesday, tune into a new selection of curated content commemorating Black History Month.

Today's episode features three segments. First Christine Kim and Jake Clark of CiTR's Arts Report interviews the artistic director of Early Music Vancouver about Le Mozart Noir, a concert based around the work of Chevalier Saint-Georges. Afterwards we present "Vancouver's Viaducts and the Lesson of Hogan's Alley," produced by Rachel Sanders, with contributing production from Alexander Kim and Stefan Labbe. Finally, we have a segment from CiTR's Off the Beat and Path, where Issa Arrian has some words in the wake of the US's current path, along with a highlight on Frederick Douglas.