Fringe Festival 2016: A Dog At A Feast


A Dog at a Feast
Bleeding Heart Theatre
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Michelle Deines
Director: Evan Frayne
Featuring: Alison Kelly, Barbara Tomasic, Lisa Goebel

With some fine UBC alumni talent (including director Evan Frayne and actress Barbara Tomasic, both UBC MFA Directing) this 60 minute play is an absolute delight.

Alison Kelly is marvelous in the role of Janet, artistic director of the “Douglas Theatre”, feisty and passionate about Theater with a capital T, but also experienced enough in that world to feel a bit jaded and in need of frequent afternoon drinks.

Lisa Goebel plays Maya, the up-and-coming ingénue, with a bit of spice and that slight ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’ air, and Barbara Tomasic portrays Diane, the fiercely honest arts critic (and former playwright) with spot-on anxiety and perfectionism.

Michelle Deines’s script is smart and witty, the tale of three women at very different stages in their theatrical careers, and under Evan Frayne’s direction, Kelly, Goebel and Tomasic do the story justice with great comic timing.

At one point in the play, the director reminds the young actress to never read reviews. Well they’d be safe with this one, because I simply adored this play, the actors and the production. Fine turns all around.

Review by Helen Martin.

Sep 12, 10:45 pm Carousel Theatre
Sep 14, 8:00 pm Carousel Theatre
Sep 15, 6:00 pm Carousel Theatre
Sep 16, 10:45 pm Carousel Theatre
Sep 17, 1:00 pm Carousel Theatre

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