Fringe Festival 2016: Charlatan! Review


Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Travis Bernhardt

“This is a game we’ll play called: You’re all in my cult!”

So began magician Travis Bernhardt’s Charlatan! I’ve never seen one of his performances before, but have heard great things about his magic, mind-reading, and mystery. I don’t want to give away too much of this fascinating show, but his process strongly reminded me of those scenes in Sherlock, where Mr. Holmes makes deductions from dust on a jacket or the client’s body language. I was as astonished as Dr. Watson. The 60 minute act is comedic, smart, and bewildering. His on-stage presence is calm, confident, and (during an ethically tricky finale) compassionate.

Charlatan! is a delight for believers and non-believers alike, and as Mr. Bernhardt reminds us, “Weird stuff happens, even when you’re faking it!”

Review by Helen Martin.

Sep 10, 1:00 pm Waterfront Theatre
Sep 11, 9:15 pm Waterfront Theatre
Sep 15, 6:45 pm Waterfront Theatre
Sep 17, 6:50 pm Waterfront Theatre
Sep 18, 3:00 pm Waterfront Theatre