Digital Reel to Reel Audiotape Archives


It’s official, we’ve digitized the majority of our reel to reel tapes in collaboration with UBC Library’s Digitization Centre and the UBC University Archives! This archive features historic audio recorded over the years at CiTR and includes live music recordings, interviews, coverage of student protests, UBC campus events and sports as well as samples of vintage radio advertisements. The audio in this digital archive was used to create CiTR’s award-winning UBC 100 documentary series which delves into the alternative history of both UBC and Vancouver.

Our hope for this digital audio archive is that it will enrich our understanding of Vancouver’s past and provide a unique peek into the cultural landscape of days gone by. The audio files are fully accessible on the UBC Library Open Collections site and can be downloaded and used by anyone. 

We’d like to thank our Fundrive donors and those who offer CiTR ongoing support. Without you, initiatives like the reel to reel digitization process wouldn’t be possible!

View the full archive here: