The National Campus and Community Radio Association Turns 30


Did you know that CiTR belongs to a nationwide community of radio stations? The National Campus and Community Radio Association facilitates a network of campus and community radio programming. Today, the NCRA turns 30 and we’re celebrating the support that the association has provided to us throughout the years! The NCRA helps CiTR and stations like us do amazing things through influencing national radio policy and providing funding. The NCRA is committed to enriching the nation’s radio programming by supporting and heading initiatives to increase diversity and equity on the airwaves.

With the NCRA’s help, we are consistently able to offer education, opportunities for creativity, and safe spaces that celebrate marginalized and alternative voices. The NCRA allows us to extend beyond our frequency’s reach and out across the country, strengthening the community here in Vancouver. We are so grateful to the NCRA and look forward to many more years working on national radio awesomeness.

The NCRA also hosts the National Campus and Community Radio Conference during which exceptional programming from all over Canada is recognized. CiTR participated in the NCRA Radio Conference this past spring and came away with a few accolades. Check out our award-winning programs here.


Illustration by Jimmy Liang for Discorder Magazine