Homelessness Marathon 2016


On Tuesday February 23rd, a team of CiTR volunteers were live at the offices of Megaphone Magazine in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  of Vancouver for the annual NCRA Homelessness Marathon. For the last 14 years, the National Campus/Community Radio Association has chosen a day in February to centre the voices of people experiencing poverty and homelessness with the Homelessness Marathon.

At CiTR, we got in touch with organizations working in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to collaborate. On the night of February 23rd 2016 we were broadcasting live from the offices of Megaphone Magazine, and had the chance to talk with two of their vendors, Sean Condon their Executive Director. We also spoke with folks from the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre who have experienced homelessness, or near homelessness, who still live in the Downtown Eastside and makeup part of that community.

These are their stories:

Kris Cronk


Pete Thompson










We would like to thank the folks at Megaphone Magazine, The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Pivot Legal Society, and The Portland Hotel Society for contributing space, stories, time, and energy to this project. Importantly, thank you to Pete Thompson, Kris Cronk from Megaphone, and to Katrina, Shana, Victoria, and an anonymous contributor from the DTES Women’s Centre