2016 AMS and GSS Elections


The lawns of UBC are peppered with campaign signs and bulletin boards are plastered with posters. Yes it’s that time of year again, time to elect the students that will represent us on the AMS and GSS.

Voter turnout has been low at UBC in the past, but it is important to vote as these students will be representing the entire student body to the university. Also they control the budgets that you contribute to through student fees.

Not sure who you should vote for? News 101 has been covering both elections to keep you up to date.

Look at their coverage of part one and two of the first AMS debate.

Board of Governor candidates Reda El Maazi and Veronica Knott

They also had AMS presidential candidates David Alexander Brown (aka Aloha Dave) and Jenna Omassi live in studio.

AMS presidential candidate Jenna Omassi in studio
Candidate Jenna Omassi in studio

Plus for graduate students, look at their coverage of the on-campus GSS debate.

Some of the GSS candidates at the on-campus debate
GSS candidates at the debate

Along with voting on candidates you be will tasked with answering a number of referendum questions. These questions will largely impact AMS student fees for the upcoming year. They include doubling the number of refugee students supported at UBC, continuing the U-Pass, increasing the AMS student fee, changing the health and dental plan fee structure, changing bylaws, and bringing back The Gallery.

Make sure to vote before Friday, March 4 at 4 pm. You can vote online here!

There will also be a Great Debate with all the AMS candidates Wednesday, March 2 from 4-7pm in the Atrium in the Nest.

You can also find reporting on the AMS elections at The Talon, The Ubyssey, AMS ThirtyFiveHundred, and AMS Vanguard.  UBC Insiders has also reported on the GSS and AMS elections.