UBC Arts and Culture Night By Shavonne Yu


Last week, Blank Vinyl Project, UBC Improv and UBC Slam came together to put on a show for hundreds of students. Hosted by The Calendar, Arts and Culture Night was located at the Museum of Anthropology, a beautiful space filled with world art and cultural works, right on our own campus. Gert Taberner, a BVP artist filled the room with soothing vocals as he led the audience in a campfire singalong. As he sang, the rain began to pour; people looked up at the skylights, content smiles plastered on their faces. It was almost as if the big man upstairs couldn’t help but grab a rainstick and play along. Other BVP artists included Ella Marie, Jan Bartolome and Angilino Guzman.

What do you get when you put mcdonalds, astronauts, vampires, centaurs, and fjords together? Why, UBC Improv of course! Taking suggestions from the crowd, they weaved hilarious stories that had both me and the rest of the crowd in stitches. Puns, innuendo, and spontaneity always make a good combination. In a type of performance called “Pushpins,” they painted a visual picture with their hands and words of a fjord, complete with mountains, a fishing wharf, and ski hut. Adventures ensue as they tell short stories of what’s happening at each of these places: the competitive rock climbers, the couple on their second date trapped in the hut, and a son of a fisherman who wants to see what’s beneath the surface. Tapping the person whose story they wish to act out, the story is expanded on in a short skit.

UBC Slam brought words to life. Coloured with emotion, Eli, Brittney, Rachel and Kit speak on topics like suicide, identification, sex, and chasing one’s dreams. Audience members snapped their fingers in quiet applause at a particularly clever turn of phrase.

Arts & Culture night marked a revival of the arts and culture district in UBC. Rich with artistic talent, our campus is a goldmine for heart pounding, tear-jerking entertainment.