From the CiTR Archives #19


Image: cover illustration from the December 1985 Issue of Discorder / Marv Newland

In celebration of the holiday season, today From the CiTR Archives looks all the way back to 1984, when our Public Affairs programmers had the unique privilege of interviewing none other than that white-bearded purveyor of Christmas cheer, Saint Nicholas himself.

Having been granted exclusive access to the “UBC Arctic Research Hut”, “Mary Winter” and her team conducted a hard-hitting interview with the mythical figure, covering topics ranging from the increasing leniency of Naughty or Nice lists, to contemporary mass media depictions of Mr. Claus.

CiTR programmers Diane Brownstein and Rob Perridge assisted in an unspecified manner.

Them Public Affairs People interview: Santa Clause [CiTR Audiotapes. UBC Open Collections]