Who judges shindig? Learn more about how the judging happens.


Shindig is CiTR’s annual, 13-week band competition. Twenty-seven bands compete for recording time, showcases and prizes, starting on Tuesday, October 21, at the Hindenburg.


Every night, five judges pick one band to advance to the semi-finals. Judges are local musicians, music journalists, or CiTR and Discorder volunteers and staff with extensive music knowledge. We make every effort to ensure that judges are unbiased – we make sure that the judges don’t know anyone performing that night, which is difficult in Vancouver’s music scene! Contrary to the opinions of some, judges aren’t biased on genre, but often pick the group that is the most interesting. The list of judges will be posted on our schedule page.

Also, we have a handy-dandy new judging form, that will provide a bit more structure for judges, and avoid all those random comments given to bands at the end of the night. Judges comments will be synthesized and sent to bands later in the week! Check out the new form…