Frequently Asked Questions about SHiNDiG


Q: How many bands/musicians will be selected to play?
A: Twenty-Seven.

Q: What styles of music are acceptable?
A: We will consider all musical styles, from country to punk to classical to hip-hop.

Q: How do you select who gets to play?
A: Every submission to SHiNDiG! will be evaluated by a committee composed of current CiTR members.

Q: My band is with a record label. Can I enter?
A: That depends. If you already have a big major record deal, you shouldn’t really bother with us. But if you are just running your own small independent label from the basement of your house for example, chances are that it’s probably okay. SHiNDiG makes every effort to give the smaller local independent acts a chance for exposure and prizes.

Q: I submitted an entry in a previous year but was not selected, can I submit again this year?
A: Yes. In fact, we strongly encourage it. The selection committee changes each year; what gets rejected one year might not in another year.

Q: When will you contact bands/musicians you selected to play in SHiNDiG!?
A: If you are selected, we will contact you in October.

Q: Why should I play SHiNDiG!?
A: Great exposure. A chance at fantastic prizes, including studio time and CD reproduction. And it’s tons of fun!

Q: Where will SHiNDiG! be held?
A: This year, Shindig is moving to a new venue – Pat’s Pub and Brewhouse at 403 East Hastings Street near the Astoria.

Q: When will SHiNDiG! be held?
A: Every Tuesday night, from around 9 pm to 12 am. The first night is October 20, 2015. The semis are January 12 / 19 / 26 and the finals on Friday, February 5th.

Q: How long are the sets?
A: Three bands play each night. The time allotted for each set is 30 minutes.

Q: How many judges are there? Who are they?
A: There will be five judges per night. They will most likely be from CiTR or DiSCORDER, although sometimes we’ll have local musicians (past SHiNDiG participants especially), music journalists, or just people who care about music. We make every effort to ensure that the judges are unbiased – in cases where the actions of a judge is questionable (i.e. if judge seems to be friends with a competing band, or if judge leaves show before giving a band a fair chance), the judge’s vote will be disqualified. The judges will be made public several days after each night. Check out our judging form!

Q: Who is the MC/host for this year?
A: Ben Lai will return as host/MC.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Email