Where to find a good metal read?

A fanzine started by one of our own DJ’s!

Heavy Metal Helps is a small DIY fanzine started up by Serena Navarro.

The first edition will be going to print at the beginning of April and will feature local heavy weights, Heron, as well as, Mortals, a black/sludge metal band from Brooklyn, NY.

HMH Other fun features:
-An Aaron Turner live special (Old Man Gloom and Sumac)

-Album reviews on: Elder-Lore / Swallowed-Lunarterial / Usnea- Random Cosmic Violence

-Upcoming live spotlight for April!
-“Spinning now” section for records that ‘WE’ can’t stop listening to!

-Slushpile feature: rants and raves from random people!

Look for all the info and more at heavymetalhelps.com


And stay tuned for a new metal show!  Starting April 5 late night every Sunday from midnight to 1 a.m. is Heavy Metal Helps, hosted by…Serena!