Live Sound Workshop May 29th!


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CiTR is excited to announce it’s May Workshop!

Live Sound Basics: 

An introduction to live sound- hosted by Irene Naidu
Thursday May 29th 7pm-9pm at CiTR Studios

Ever wondered how to do sound for a band in studio? How about at a house party? Wedding? In this introductory workshop, Irene will be going over basic live sound theory! Over the course of two hours she will take participants through the following topics:
  • Signal flow
  • Basic cabling
  • Mic’s and micing
  • Loudspeakers
  • Small mixers and mixing
While the workshop will be held in CiTR studios, the content will be applicable to general live sound- so participants can take the knowledge they learn beyond CiTR.  After the 7pm-9pm workshop, Irene will lead a limited number of participants in carrying out Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell. Giving them the chance to put theory to practice.

Irene has been doing sound for Thunderbird Radio Hell since 2001 and currently works for Presentation Services providing audio visual support for meetings, conferences and trade shows.

Space is limited, so if you are interested in attending please RSVP at When you RSVP please mention whether or not you are interested in attending the Thunderbird Radio Hell portion(there are only 4 spots available!). This portion will run from 9pm-11pm.

As always, CiTR workshops are open to everyone. They are free for CiTR members.