Creations Estelle Clareton & Montreal Danse at Vancouver International Dance Festival ends March 29



by Danielle Piper

The 14th annual Vancouver International Dance Festival (March 7-29) features a wide array of performances and workshops with dancers originating from China, Spain, Germany, Japan, the United States and Canada. Over the last three weeks, the city of Vancouver has enjoyed stunning artistry in genres such as Kokoro, Butoh, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet and Flamenco.

Currently running at the festival is “S’envolver”. Choreographed by Estelle Clareton of Creations Estelle Clareton, and performed in partnership with Montreal Danse, S’envoler is a comical piece about freedom and independence. During the dance, many of the dancers imitate the behaviour of birds. At one moment, dancers will break away from the flock and preoccupy themselves with some unknown distraction. The next moment, they try desperately to re-insert themselves into the flock. Throughout the play, the dancers encounter danger, challenges and new experiences, all of which they take in stride in their own amusing, bird-like way.

The Vancouver International Dance Festival ends on Saturday, March 29th. There are still two performances of S’envoler at the Roundhouse and two performances of Room with Sticks, the collaboration between 10 Gates Dancing and Public Recordings Inc. I encourage anyone to see these final performances as it will give you the opportunity to experience creativity and originality like you’ve never seen before. For more information please visit