Shindig Update, First two winners!


Thanks to everyone who participated and came out to the two nights of Shindig!
We have two winners so far so feel free to check ’em out and come out to listen to them at the Semi-Finals on

Night 1:



Hooves kicked off our Shindig battle with a great win on the first night. This neat niche crew are described as “just four dope girlz in a Cadillac” and self called a “bunch of girls playing a bunch of noise”. Their past times include “swimming with mermaids… and hanging out at CiTR”.
Listen to their new EP “Nevada” here

Night 2:

The Binz


“The Binz is a part of you.
And you are part of The Binz.
Today is a new awakening.
Welcome to age of The Binz.”
List to their new EP “The Binz” here

Night 3 is Next Tuesday at the Railway Club!
Jokes for beer! 9 pm