The Arts Report – April 17 – SPIN, Full Frontal, Clusterfun Forever!


Tonight on the Arts Report at 5pm! Three segments, no pre recording!

Maegan reviews SPIN by evalyn parry which runs at the Cultch until this Saturday, April 20th.

Then, Sara Lapsley speaks in studio Katie Schroeder, Master’s Candidate in the Critical and Curatorial Studies program at UBC, curator of “Full Frontal” at the Satellite Gallery, a show featuring works which consider masculinity . “With works spanning over 50 years, Full Frontal investigates the stake our society has placed in representations of the male body, questioning why “manhood” refers to both male identity and the physical penis. Through photographs, paintings, drawings, sculpture, video and archival material, Full Frontal explores how artists, both publically and privately, have represented the penis-phallus.” (

And to lighten the mood – though we’re sure phallus content will surface  – Adam Patemen is in studio to tell us the low down on the Clusterfun experience, and  ClusterFun Forever! April 22nd at Havana. Check out their video (note: this is for last month’s show!):

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