SUNS & UFOS: 10am to 12pm


10 a.m – 11 a.m. prOphecy sun presents:

Body Spaces (LIVE)

prOphecy sun recorded Body Spaces in her living room using an iPhone, vintage stereo and voice. The track was captured live in one take. The composition focuses on the voice as a symbol of the unconscious, capturing the immediacy of emotive textures and sounds that live inside her head. Her rhythms are of day dreams and future visions.

prOphecy sun is a Canadian interdisciplinary performance artist who interphases with sound, movement and installation to create emotive environments. Her works, compositions, videos and collaborations have been exhibited in Canada and abroad. She is a master theremin player, an improvisational looping maestro and an experimental throat singer. Her current musical projects include: prOphecy sun, Tyranahorse, Under the Sun, Her Jazz Noise Collective, Spell and The Adulthood.

11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Andrew Scott aka Whip of the UFO presents:
A live performance.
Whip of the UFO is “like being passed out in the gutter at 5 am and having the street cleaner drive over your face”  – Geoff Berner