October issue of Discorder Magazine is here!


As summer slowly rolls out, another issue of Discorder Magazine rolls right in! Check out the October issue of CiTR’s magazine, now almost 30 years old!

This month, we feature White Poppy, Fine Times, Nick Everett & Everybody, and Paul Anthony’s Talent Time. In Venews, we talk to the folks at Googly Eyes Studios. In Filmstripped, read about Josh Melrod and Tara Wray’s film Cartoon College. We also talk to a CiTR host who’s been here since the station began broadcasting on the FM dial: Steve Edge, host of The Saturday Edge for 27 years!

In February 1983, Jennifer Fahrni and Mike Mines published the first issue of Discorder. That means we are nearly 30 years old. In the next four issues, we’ll tell tales that harken back to the days of Discorder yore. In this October issue, we take a trip to the past to recap a case of ’90s censorship brought up by the PMRC and the CRTC over Ice-T and Public Enemy on CiTR.

Check out the issue below or read and share much more at Discorder.ca.

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