Shake It Off: The Accepted Roles of Women in Vancouver Music, Workshop 3, CiTR September series:


Facilitator: Team Heartbreak
Thursday, September 27, 6PM- 8PM

Team Heartbreak is a recently established media production company, comprised of three powerful females rooted in the Vancouver music community. Offering a wide range of perspectives, the workshop will explore: restrictive roles that are generally acceptable for women in the industry, first-hand experience on facing and breaking such molds, offering positive solutions, and the role of  appearance within all of this. We’ve brought back the team because of the positive response to their previous presentation.

All workshops will be in the Penthouse (3rd floor) in the Graduate Student Society Building (Thea Koerner House), 6371 Crescent Road, on the UBC Campus.

All workshops are free to CiTR members. To register, email Zoe: