Home Free! Fringe Holdover – Arts Team Review


Home Free!

By Lanford Wilson

Directed by (CiTR and UBC Theatre alumnus) Brian Cochrane

Produced by Staircase XI

From the get-go, Lanford Wilson’s Home Free! unabashedly relays to us the abstract shared-psychosis of siblings Joanna (Maryanne Renzetti) and Lawrence (Jason Clift).  Home Free! is a fascinating third-person perspective of the fissured-self, which invites us to consider the scene, as well as our own realities, as a complex web of interacting and dynamic characters.  This perspective was amplified by the intimate setting of the Carousel Theatre, which broke down the barrier between audience and actor, making us co-habitants of this fragmented psyche.  This deteriorated state of mind becomes more accentuated and fearsome as layers of personality are stripped away leaving what remains ever more lonesome and hopeless.  Jason Clift and Maryanne Renzetti delivered a visceral performance that brought the writing to fruition. Four thumbs up from us!

–  Adam Fiss & Michael Harker

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