Discorder Magazine – July/August 2012


This month’s Discorder, that magazine from CiTR, features Hot Panda up front plus your Green Burritos, your V. Vecker Ensembles, your local summer festivals, Venews (the NINES), Film Strippeds (Jay Reatard), On the Airs (David Love Jones) and whatnot. So packed full of of Psych Fests and Psychadelic Mating Dances that we have to take August off to soak it all up.

Pick up Discorder for free at your local record store, book store, cafe, boutique or at UBC and look out for the LanaLou’s 2for1 coupon (summer burgers!), Audiopile’s 10th Anniversary and CiTR sponsored events like Chocolate Milk, Cinco Cinco, Folk Fest, Rifflandia and live music at 560. Plus, update yo’self on the new Friends Card lineup and the summer CiTR schedule.

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