SHiNDiG Semi-Final 2 – Sleuth, Fist Full O' Snacks and Philoceraptor


The second SHiNDiG semi-final battle will be on November 22, as usual venue as The Railway Club. The winners are – Sleuth, Fist Full O’ Snacks and Philoceraptor – will take over the stage to try to a space in the final.

SHiNDiG 2011 started on September 13 and the winner will be decided on December 6. The three top finalists will earn prizes, as well the audience – telling jokes for Granville Island beer, $10 gift certificates at Zulu Records, Mint CD samplers and CiTR T-shirts.


Sleuth hail from the wilds of Vancouver’s surrounding towns and cities. Actually they take art, pop music, cherry coke, comics, jokes, films and mid-century literature very seriously.

Winner of the fifth week, Fist Full O’ Snacks is a folk band.

Philoceraptor known as a Vancouver indie band, make pop punk reminiscent of their favorite 90′s bands.

SHiNDiG Semi-Final 2:
Railway Club – 579 Dunsmuir St.
Doors at 9 pm.
Tickets $8.