CRTC approves Community Radio Fund plan


Nearly one year ago to the day, the CRTC announced that the campus and community radio sector would begin receiving mandatory Canadian Content Development (CCD) Contributions. It was the first decision of its kind for the sector, as, until then, there had been no dedicated funding for stations from coast-to-coast-to-coast. In order for the CRFC to manage these contributions for the sector, we were asked to submit a detailed structural and operational plan that described our governance, operations, and plan for distribution, which has just been approved by the CRTC.

Now that the CRTC has approved the CRFC’s plan, we will begin receiving 15% of commercial radio licensees’ basic annual contributions to CCD. This will mean at least $700,000 each year for the CRFC and the campus and community radio sector.

“It has been a long year, full of planning, research, and learning,” said CRFC President John Harris Stevenson. “The CRFC has distributed $480,000 to 47 recipients in the last three years. With this decision, we will be distributing twice that amount every year. Today’s decision is an important step for us in reaching our vision of being a meaningful financial tool for the development and sustainability of campus and community radio in Canada.”

CiTR is the recipient of two Community Radio Fund of Canada grants, funding our Live Broadcasting Coordinator last summer, and our coverage of the North American Outgames this summer.

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