CiTR & Discorder are proud sponsors of The 2011 Pride Parade and Festival!



In 2009 pride adopted the three year theme of educate, liberate and celebrate. Now in it’s final year it is time for everyone to focus on the celebration of all that we have achieved within the LGBTTQ community. CiTR is a strong believer in all that the Vancouver Pride Society does for the LGBTTQ community and its continuing goal of celebrating diversity. The following excerpt is from their website:

As Canadian’s, we have a lot to celebrate, but we must also continue our vigilance to Educate and Liberate. Vancouver Pride began as a march to fight for LGBTTQ rights and continues to carry the message of unity, diversity and acceptance for our LGBTTQ community. Through struggle and celebration, Pride has helped celebrate the way we view each other, and the way we live our lives.

Throughout the month of July, CiTR will be preparing for our role in standing for those around the world who fight for liberation by strongly supporting the Vancouver Pride Society with their efforts. This will be done through on-air public service announcement campaigns and making sure you stay up to date with the the awesome events the Vancouver Pride Society has going on throughout the month!

That said, make sure you check out their events page!

Also, make sure that you join CiTR on July 31st at the 33rd annual PRIDE PARADE! Beginning at 12pm and with over 130 entries it is a true spectacle! Last year they had over 640,000 people line the streets of the parade route- which starts at Robson and Thurlow and ends at the Sunset Beach Pride Festival.

Lastly CiTR will be providing in depth coverage of the 2011 NORTH AMERICAN OUTGAMES running between July 25-31 right here in Vancouver! For more information on our coverage, please view the press release!

PRIDE month runs ALL JULY & we at CiTR are SO PROUD to be a part of it!