Enter to play Shindig, our battle of the bands


photo taken by Gerald Deo
We are now accepting entries for SHiNDiG! 2011, held Tuesdays in fall at the Railway Club.

SHiNDiG is CiTR’s annual battle of the bands competition. All styles are welcome — whether you are a solo country artist or a 10-piece punk band. Past participants includes the likes of The Organ, 3 Inches of Blood, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Japandroids and They Shoot Horses Don’t They?.

You’ll need to send us a minimum 3 song demo of original material (CD/MP3/MySpace/Bandcamp/Whatever. Rough mixes absolutely OK. We’ll get the idea.) and your contact information (email + phone number). Bios, photos or other information are not required but we will look at them if you send them in.

Please email all the above to shindig.submissions@gmail.com before August 12th 2011. Alternatively, we also love Canada Post. Put everything in an envelope! Mail it or drop it off before August 12th 2011 to:

SHiNDiG! 2011
c/o CiTR Radio
#233-6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

NOTE: Bands play for only prizes. We are giving you a chance for exposure, and not paying you. Bands can only play Shindig once in their lifetime.