CiTR joins the 9th Annual Homelessness Marathon



9th Annual Homelessness Marathon: The largest discussion on homelessness and poverty in Canada.

This year’s Homelessness Marathon will broadcast live from the streets of Montreal, and several other locations across Canada, on Wednesday, February 23rd, starting at sunset (5pm EDT) and running all night long until sunrise (7am) on Thursday, February 24th.

The 9th annual Homelessness Marathon will once again serve up 14 hours of people-powered radio, broadcasting this year from multiple cities across Canada. With the goal of being a consciousness-raising event, the Marathon will provide an opportunity for homeless people and their allies to take to the airwaves,
and allow a nationwide discussion on homelessness issues and possible solutions. The Homelessness Marathon is annually carried by 40 campus, community and native radio stations. Listeners are invited to call-in with their questions or comments toll-free: 1-866-594-7729

CiTR 101.9FM will once again partner with our campus/community friends across the country to raise awareness of this nation-wide epidemic, starting at 2PM PST Wednesday Feb.23 until 1AM Thursday Feb.24. Let your voices be heard and let’s bring some answers to solving the issues of homelessness in Vancouver and beyond.