That DJ Competition 2010 – November 18


CiTR and AUS present... That DJ Competition 2010!!
CiTR and Arts Undergrad present... That DJ Competition 2010!!

CiTR’s “That DJ Competition” has always been not only a great way to get bedroom DJs a chance to finally show off to their friends in a club setting, but also a riot of a good time for everyone involved. Now in it’s fourth year, it’s going to extra-special. Why? We’re teaming up with the UBC Arts Undergrad Society to bring you an extra fabulous top prize: The winning DJ will get a paid gig for AUS’s upcoming Mardi Gras party!

We are looking for DJs to compete, so if you or anyone you know is a DJ, we need as many applicants as we can get! All music styles are welcome! All DJ platforms are welcome! The competition is only 2 weeks away so get your demos in quick! The demo doesn’t need to be long, they just need to showcase your personal flavour. This competition is open to all skill-levels. You won’t be competing with a bunch of pros.

Email demo mixes to (you can either email an audio file or provide a streaming link). Hard copies can be brought or mailed to: CiTR 101.9 fm, 233-6138 SUB blvd,Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1.

**The demos are due at Noon on monday!

The fine-grain:
•8 DJs are going to be selected
•DJs are rated based on both a voting system and our judges
•Sets are 15-20 minutes each (yet to be decided)
•Playing order will be determined randomly

The secret to winning: the more people you bring out, the more votes you will get!

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