CiTR Raises Funds for New Digital Library


In one week, CiTR will launch its 5th annual Fundrive, hoping to raise $30,000 for operations and a new digital library. Between November 16th and 25th, CiTR DJs will be asking listeners day and night to call 604-822-8648 and support the station’s independent programming, with volunteers ready at the phones to take pledges. This ten-day funding drive will raise necessary funds to cover operating expenses, equipment purchases, and most importantly – a new digital library for the station.

“Campus radio stations in the US have all gone digital,” says Station Manager Brenda Grunau. “I want to make sure we stay ahead of the curve, so that we’re not in a position where we can’t air the music we want.”

CiTR is a repository for local music – on air, online, and in print, through Discorder Magazine. The library holds over 32,000 CDs, over 10,000 LPs and over 4,000 seven inches. CiTR prides itself on its library full of rare and local gems.

$15,000 – half of the funds raised – will pay for a new digital library, ensuring that our archive of local and niche music survives for generations. The average lifespan of a CD is 25 years, and CiTR has been collecting CDs since they first came out.

This new library will change the way CiTR produces radio – allowing hosts to search music from the on-air studio, and respond instantly to listener requests. Labels are now servicing radio stations digitally, and in the future, may stop servicing us with physical copies.

“The ease with which a programmer can search for and program music makes for better sounding shows and a better sounding station”, comments Music Director Luke Meat. “We’re living in a non-tangible age now, so we’re just rolling with the times.”

The Fundrive culminates with the Finale Party at the Biltmore Cabaret at the Biltmore Cabaret on Thursday, November 25th with 10 local bands playing 90’s cover tunes. Click here to download the official press release: Fundrive 2010 Press Release – CiTR raises money for a digital library.