Real Live Action

The Cribs

The Cobalt was dark and smelled strongly of beer. The graffiti on the walls and on the tables sat proudly, unharmed, like a badge of…

Real Live Action

333! Tour Kickoff

It’s not often you get a show hyped for its all-female line-up, so when the opportunity comes to witness both exceptional hip-hop and fierce feminism…

Real Live Action

Sheer Mag

BB put on an electric show. Their matching leopard print unitards were as coordinated as the stage antics sprinkled throughout their set. Bella, BB’s singer…

Real Live Action

Leisure Club

When I had arrived at the Waldorf Hotel, I was unfashionably early. Too many months away from the East Van indie-rock scene made me forget…

Real Live Action

Downtown Boys

I hadn’t spent time with two old friends of mine in months — we got caught up drinking a ten-dollar bottle of wine and laughing…

Real Live Action


It’s not often that you get to be among the first to hear a whole score of brand new tracks being performed to the public…

Real Live Action

The Hero Show: SHERO SHOW 2

An existential amoeba, a voodoo infomercial and a healthy dose of necrophilia made their appearance in SHERO SHOW 2, an all female sketch comedy revue…


Blind Tiger Comedy


“We want to see more women in comedy, it’s about making a space for them.”