Sam Tudor

Eyes Wide Shut

“Ear aside, it kind of proposes that under all the nuclear lifestyles and well manicured neighbourhoods, there can be something ominous and dark.”

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Man Meets Bear

Deviating from the Indie Folk dalliances of predecessor, Huronian Cadence, Toronto natives Man meets Bear, explore a more spiritual side in their largely instrumental 5th…

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The April Fools Childrenhood

Low Colour is entirely saturated. The latest release from The April Fools Childrenhood — the solo project of the folk duo Leave’s David Cowling —…

Real Live Action

Gentle Party

Arriving at the show, I was met by a wall of swords. While it was far from a conventional venue, Academie Duello — Vancouver’s School…

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Swerving Lines is energetically morbid. Puritans’ debut release nestles nicely into the alternative/post-punk/gothic genres. With influences from artists like Billy Talent and David Bowie, Swerving…

Real Live Action

Rae Spoon & Carole Pope

If you’re anything like me, in simplest terms, you go to a concert to experience your favourite mildly loud music from your favourite artists as…


The Jins

It all started Halloween 2014. With a house party on the horizon, and a dearth of live entertainment to along with it, roommates-turned-bandmates Jamie Warnock…


Rickshaw Theatre

Attending a show at the Rickshaw Theatre is a very unique experience. Right from the entrance, the venue feels comfortable. The staff out front seem…

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Tasha the Amazon

At the tail end of 2016, Toronto artist Tasha the Amazon, a.k.a Perp Vonnegut, dropped her debut EP Die Every Day. Although Tasha has been…