Twenty-Three Days at Sea, Chapter 2

Transmission from PLOT is a new monthly column related to CiTR and Discorder’s satellite location at Access Gallery, 222 East Georgia Street. Our residency continues…


Flex Your Head

Up until my interview with him, I had only ever seen Mike in passing; a quiet and gruff man that I would watch calmly take…


Holy Hum

An Evening With Andrew Lee

“It’s this inner conflict that I have where I want to share this, but also, I would never share this with anyone.”


Promotions Of The Lesser Known

Primarily this is to promote a local, Vancouver, Cree Nation singer / songwriter / actor / writer; Nayden. I’ve been performing throughout the Lower Mainland…


AMS Welcome Back BBQ

This year’s AMS Welcome Back BBQ brought us world class musical acts like Shaun Frank, Joey Bada$$, and Vanic; their performances conveyed a kind of…


Good Night Out Vancouver

Location, Location, Location

“The only real way to make that shift is understanding and recognizing that women and femmes contribute to the nightlife and music industries on all levels.”


Sawdust Collector

The Dust Has Settled

“It’s great to imagine people working together instead of competing against each other for the same sliver.”


PRISM International

“Writing can allow you to inhabit an entirely different reality and perspective. It sounds so cliché, but that helps strengthen our ability to empathise and give us the experience of empathy, and I think that empathy is an important part of radical thinking and living and writing.”


Ora Cogan

Hearing Crickets

“There was the ethos of wanting to create a vindicating sonic space that felt good, and then there were the actual landscapes.”