Deranged Records

If you’re at all interested in hardcore punk, maybe Deranged Records should ring a bell? If it doesn’t, here are a few artists that have…


Deep Blue

Into The Deep

“Deep Blue did not generate the community, but contributes to it by being a place it can move through.”


Sammy Chien

A Chimerik Interview

“I’m interested in obscurity, ambiguity.”


Vancouver Mural Fest

Cooling Down The Hot Seat

“Murals have the potential to bring awareness to things that need more of it, and that’s where we see the power of the artform, and we hope to work with people in the community to help do that.”

Under Review


The dramatic irony of the United State’s Commander in Chief being a climate change denier is that his estate is in Mar Al Lago, Florida;…


Access Day

Access Day is coming up May 18. It is a day of special broadcasting on CiTR 101.9FM and other participating community radio stations across Canada,…



Brooding Experimental Psychedelia In Funny Hats

“It’s been nice to kind of jump back into things and have them go fairly swimmingly.”

Under Review


Tokyo’s Yuta Kudo is one busy man. Covering a wide range of mediums, be it photography, painting or sculpture, his artistic output rarely slows down….