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Suspect Convictions

“I like cheese, but I’m not a rat. I like kids, but not like that.” A seeming non sequitur in the opening intro of true…

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Rowan Coupland

An album is so often reduced down to its individual components, singled out for whatever is deemed its strong suit while everything else is given…

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On January 9, 2018, Vancouver-based indie band DEALS released their second EP, Johnny. A blend of ‘90s rock and modern indie pop, DEALS’ lo-fi sound…

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D. Tiffany

Breakbeat and house meets fantasy on D. Tiffany’s Blue Dream, a four track EP worth tuning in to. Sophie Sweetland, who performs under the moniker…

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Fuzzy P

With a band name like Fuzzy P, and a 2015 debut release entitled the Fuzz EP, it is only fitting to talk about Amateur Alchemy…

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JB The First Lady

Whether she is rapping, singing or performing spoken word, JB the First Lady‘s smooth vocals and agile flow make her a captivating storyteller. On her…


My Conversation with Mich Cota

—Cover Image by: Jordan Minkoff— The first episode of Unceded Airwaves happened this Monday, October 30th and is now available for download on CiTR’s website! Because…

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Everyone is in process, moving from place to place. Where is the end? How do we know when we have reached something worth lingering at?…

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Ornament & Crime

The two members of Vancouver’s Ornament & Crime took their name from the title of an essay published in 1910 by Austrian architect Adolf Loos….