Under Review

Carmen Pollard

The final screening of DOXA 2017 was For Dear Life (2017) at The Cinematheque. If the audience was festival weary, they didn’t show it. For…


Speaking Peace

In early May I ran into an old radio mentor of mine. We ended our friendship a year ago over an email thread where I…


Flexing Compassion

I’m gonna keep this brief. Do you care about the people around you? This issue was planned around the theme of accessibility, leading up to…


BC Music Fund

The Business Of Music

“The music industry, as with most creative industries, is more about business than it is about art. Once able to accept that, if you want to play the industry game, you can rise to the challenge.”


We’re Listening

A few months ago we created an online Readership Survey, and we’re just looking over results now. Thank you everyone who answered! We learned some…


The Shaping of Your Media

I write this note surrounded by my junk, piled on the floor outside cupboards and drawers, and wedged into moving boxes — delicates and glassware…